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I wanted to do a tour of this cute little town, Thompsons Station, because so many people have asked  for one, it’s such a great place to live, and believe it or not as far as new builds go there is actually some inventory here so be sure to stay tuned for what you might be able to put under contract .. at least until its gone so move fast!! If you prefer to take a video sure be sure to check out my video instead of painfully reading this entire article!!

Thompsons Station is a city just south of Franklin and south of Nashville, and nestled right up against Spring Hill Teneseee.  It is located in Williamson County, one of the most sought after counties in the Nashville area right now.   And while most of TS is pretty rural.. population here is only about 7500-8000 people so not huge.. but just big enough.  And though there isn’t a ton of businesses here in Thompsons Station , it is like I said right by Spring Hill which is much larger and has all the shopping, restaurants and amenities you need.  Spring Hill is much larger at around 45k people so a bit of a different vibe there.

 But, there are a few cute places you should check out like:  H Clark Distillery if you love Whiskey, and if you aren’t into whiskey, they also serve craft cocktails and offer tours and tastings so you can see if you like it for yourself!!  Also while there you’ll want to check out the Circa Grill which is an amazing restaurant located right next door serving up some amazing foods.. so be sure to check out their menu.  But don’t take my word for the quality of this food.. just look them up on Google and see their almost 450 4.5 star reviews.  You will love this place.. promise!

If you’re looking for outdoor activities there is the Battlefield Trail Hilltop preservation park to go for a hike or walk your dog.. and you are so close to Leipers Fork in Franklin Tennessee and the Natchez Trace Parkway for a beautiful drive or bike ride, so lots of outdoor activities here as well. 

The commute from Thompsons Station is going to pretty easy to get to downtown Nashville if that’s where you’re heading.  It will only take you about 30 mins with no traffic, and a little longer with traffic, but it’s a straight shot up i-65 and traffic in my opinion is not terrible.. but that’s all relative right.  🙂

So the neighborhoods!  I wanted to just touch on a few of the newer neighborhoods to get you more familiar with them and so you can see what housing looks like here in Thompsons Station, and talk about if there is any availability at all!!  I’m just going to hit some of the newer neighborhoods where you might see some availability but of course if you’re interested in a neighborhood I’m not showing let me know and we can certainly grab you some video!


Canterbury is a very popular neighborhood with something for everyone by way of housing. It’s also located in a convenient distance to the highway for commuting if you need to do that. There are different housing types in here like townhouses and single-family homes, and tons of walking paths throughout the community. This community is conveniently located just up from Thompson Station elementary and middle and zoned for Independence High.   Town houses in this neighborhood are going to be around 1700 ft.² to 2000 ft.² and be three bedrooms in about 2 1/2 baths. These are selling right now somewhere from around 450 to 500,000. And then SFH should be around 2000 ft.² to 3400 ft.² and these will be on lots of about a quarter of an acre or maybe a little less. Homes will be 3 to 4 bedrooms and really cute with a lot of curb appeal and the single-family homes will be selling anywhere from about the 600s to the 800s.  This neighborhood is in high demand strictly based off of the pricing and the amenities people love this neighborhood. You will find a beautiful pool with zero entry for the little ones as well as a separate kiddie pool, playgrounds fire pits and walking paths. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a ton of amenities at homes in this price point… This is a great place for you.


OK so currently Avenue Downs is a new neighborhood being built out by Tennessee Valley homes and Barlow builders. This neighborhood is just getting underway but it’s in a super convenient location near to the highway and close to the schools as well. You’re going to be zoned for Thompson Station elementary and Thompson Station middle school here and Summit high. Homes are just barely coming out of the ground right now so there’s not a whole lot to see but you can definitely know that it’s going to be an amazing neighborhood being built by Tennessee Valley and Barlow. Both of these builders are quality builders and are known for putting out a beautiful product. Many of these homes back to open space or tree lines which is great and these are going to be larger homes probably 4000 ft.² and above with lot size is around a quarter of an acre. There will be a total of about 50 homesites, with phase one just released. There is still a lot of opportunity to build in here with Tennessee Valley they do have lots available to sell and they have spec homes as well that you can put under contract which should be completed in the fall. And you can trust that their selections are going to be beautiful. Barlow builders is only building spec homes and will release them onto the MLS probably around when they get to drywall so we will just kind of have to wait and see when those houses come out how the selling goes but they are definitely coming so you’ll want to be on the lookout for them if this is a neighborhood that you are interested in.  Prices in this neighborhood are going to start just over 1 million and the houses that you were getting for this the value is absolutely great being in Williamson County.


So Littlebury is located just up the street from Avenue downs. This is a beautiful neighborhood being built by Drees homes. These homes are going to be also zoned for the same schools as above Thompson Station elementary middle and Summit high. Drees builds an absolutely beautiful home. The sizes of these are going to be somewhere from around 4000 ft.² to 6000 ft.² and also start right around 1 million and go up from there. There will be no neighborhood amenities in this neighborhood but you’re going to have more space on a third to almost half acre lots you can definitely put in your own pool and amenities in your backyard. Homes just recently started selling in here and they will continue to sell with a future phase coming.  There are currently lots available in this neighborhood for sale if you’re interested with the future phase coming as mentioned before.   Definitely swing by and check out this neighborhood if this is one of your top builders you will love it!


Tollgate is another neighborhood like Canterbury that has many different housing types to choose from. They have condo flats, townhomes and single-family homes in this very beautiful community.  In Tulge you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful community pool, the clubhouse and the walking paths.  Here you will be located much closer to an independence high school… And very close to some shopping and restaurants as well. This is located just north of 840 so a little bit closer to downtown Nashville.  Here you are going to be zoned for Winstead Elementary Legacy middle and Independence high school so be sure to check those out.   The condos located in here are super cute and they are going to be two bedrooms with two baths in around 1500 ft.² they have an elevator and come with a one car garage as well as a beautiful balcony off the great room right in the center of tollgate Village. These typically have been selling for around 450,000. There are also townhomes around 1800 ft.² are in single-family homes anywhere from about 2000 ft.² to 4400 ft.² and those should be selling somewhere from the 600s and all the way up to 1 million for one of the larger homes on a much larger lot. So there is quite a bit of diversity of housing in this neighborhood and it’s adorable… People who live here absolutely seem to love it and the sense of community.


Bridgemore Village is such a beautiful community and this neighborhood is a little bit older in a sense, as they started building it in 2007 but only just finished the last new builds this year and those are now sold.  So you will be looking for resale in here if this is a neighborhood you love, but they do come up every so often especially since this has been being built for quite a while now.   The lots in here are beautiful and it’s rolling in green with lots of trees and I just absolutely think it’s so pretty . Homes in here can be anywhere from about three thousand square feet to sixty five hundred square feet so you can get some really large houses in here and the lots can be anywhere from a quarter to three quarters of an acre and so you get a bit of a variety in lot sizes .  You’re going to be zoned for Thompson Station Elementary middle and Summit high school, and they are not far away at all. And in this neighborhood you will have a community pool clubhouse and walking paths. There is just loads of curb appeal in here and striking details and focus on the aesthetic, and they really paid attention to detail in the building at this neighborhood. You can expect to pay $1m plus in here but I feel like you really get that Tennessee feeling in here.


The Mill at Bond Springs is a new neighborhood being built with only a handful of homes being closed on at this point, but many under construction and under contract. There is still quite a bit of opportunity to build in this neighborhood and with some amazing custom builders. Homes are being built in here by builders such as Carbine and Associates, Woodridge homes and many others.  All of the lots in here are over an acre and you’re really getting that country Tennessee feel here in this neighborhood with an unparalleled build. If you are looking for some of the most quality builders on some of the most beautiful land this is going to be the neighborhood for you.  You will be zoned for Bethesda Elementary, Thompson Station Middle, and Summit High School here in this neighborhood and you are not going to be super close to a lot of amenities like shopping, but the beauty of that is that you get to be further out, a little removed from everything, and enjoy your privacy and space.  These are going to be larger homes 4000 to 5000 ft.² and as I mentioned acre lots so tons of space to just spread out and have room to breathe. There are currently homes in this neighborhood on the MLS… With more to come and in this neighborhood you’re going to probably be looking at around 1.7 to 2M plus. But finding an acre lot with an absolutely beautiful home right now under or around 2 million is not the easiest thing to do in Williamson County but you can definitely find out here.


OK and whistle stop is going to be our last stop of the day and there is a lot of availability in this neighborhood. This neighborhood is located right next to that amazing restaurant and whiskey distillery that I mentioned before .. So I’m thinking if you buy in here these are going to be your favorite hangouts.  You would be zoned for Heritage Elementary here Heritage middle and Independence high school so be sure to check those out. This neighborhood just started being built in 2020 and is still going strong with lots of sales left to take place.  It has been built out by many different builders some including Dries, Tennessee valley homes and RG Custom Builders .  lot size in here is going to be about a quarter to a third of an acre or possibly more even up to a half an acre , and home size from about 3700 ft.² up to about almost 5000 ft.² probably and you’re probably looking to pay just over 1,000,000 to 1.2 to start building in this neighborhood and there is plenty of opportunity to still do so if you decide that you love it here. The community will feature a community pool as well as walking paths that are still to come. 

As you can see it’s going to be a beautiful community and a great place to live… But one thing to note is that this neighborhood is near a railroad track… Hence the name of the community so if you wouldn’t love the sound of an occasional train this might not be the place for you.


There is so much more we could cover on Thompson’s Station, but this is a great jumping off point into some of the most popular neighborhoods right now. As I mentioned before I’m happy to grab footage of any neighborhood for those interested just be sure to reach out to me with your questions!!

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