Living in Nolensville, Tennessee

Nolensville, TN is one of the top suburbs to live in the Nashville and Williamson County area, and for great reason! Feel free to jump into my video on what it’s really like to live in Nolensville, and see some footage in and around the lovely town of Nolensville to get a feel for it for yourself, see the video link below. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

But why is it a fantastic place to live? It’s more than just it’s close proximity to Nashville, and being located in the most rapidly growing county in the Nashville area. Nolensville has so much going for it! Let’s jump into the top 7 reasons I think this is such an amazing place to live.

#1 – The first reason that makes Nolensville so desirable (as mentioned above), is it’s close proximity to Nashville. It’s amazing that it feels like you’re far removed from the craziness of Nashville, but really you’re only a quick 25-35 minute drive to get to downtown Nashville depending on where you’re coming from in town.

It’s also really quick to get to many other popular areas, like Cool Springs in Franklin 15 mins, Smyrna 10 mins, Murfreesboro 30 mins, and of course Brentwood, which is right here a short 5-10 min drive depending on where you need to go.

#2 – Another reason to love Nolensville is.. THE FOOD! 🍔 So you may have thought that being such a small town, that Nolensville might be lacking in food options.. well you’d be wrong! Nolensville has all kinds of great places to choose from to help you satisfy whatever craving you might have! Stop into Outlanders Chicken for some of their amazing fried chicken, and have a beer from Mill Creek Brewery while you’re there, or better yet stop over at the brewery afterwards for some trivia! You can always try the Pork Belly Farmhouse if you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, it’s delicious and great for date night! And let’s not forget the original Martin’s BBQ is located here, and just moved into their new facility. Southern Living names them as one of the best Barbecue restaurants in Middle Tennessee, so you’ll want to give it a try! I could go on and on.. but see for yourself!!

#3 – Let’s talk about the schools in Nolensville! There is a lot to say about the schools in Nolensville, and if you’re looking for rankings be sure to check them out on and to see what others have to say about them. In addition though to the academics there are so many great programs these schools offer in terms of sports, music, volunteer opportunities and so much more. Be sure to check them out. And while not every school is right for every student, and you should definitely do your research because rankings aren’t everything, you may really find what you love in the schools in Nolensville.

#4 – The Nightlife!! WHAT? NIGHTLIFE?? Yes believe it or not there is actually things to do to go out and about in Nolensville for a fun night out. After going out to eat at some of the amazing food places here, you can hop over (see what I did there?) to the Mill Creek Brewery for a fun night of Trivia! There is also Happenstance Social, which is wine and craft cocktail bar, and adored by local residents. You can also spend an evening over at Wheeler’s Raid, which is a whiskey distillery, also serving craft cocktails. The cool thing about Wheeler’s though, is their live music! They have amazing talent come play on their stage on a regular basis, and it’s an absolute blast! And hey .. don’t forget where you will be all Friday nights in the fall, and that’s at the football games at Nolensville High School or Ravenwood High School. These are the backbone of every great Friday night in the south, and whether you have kids playing or not, you’ll want to be there, the rest of the town will be!

#5 – Historic Main Street! Spending a day down on Nolensville’s Main Street makes for a fantastic Saturday afternoon! Not only can you find the farmers market downtown for most of the year, but there are great little antique shops, the Amish Feed Mill and furniture, pottery painting, coffee shops, clothing shops, ice cream, and a natural whole foods shop. There is literally everything you need downtown to fill an entire day, and blow all the money you just made that week working! So don’t bother going all the way to Franklin or Nashville, when you can just hang out down here instead!

#6 – The Neighborhoods in Nolensville are some of the best around. While there aren’t a ton of neighborhoods to choose from since Nolensville is a smaller town, there is definitely enough variety to make everyone happy. Neighborhoods like Bent Creek, Benington Scales Farmstead, Arrington Retreat, and Annecy are just a few of the amazing neighborhoods I will be touring on my channel, so look for those videos so you can get a sense for them yourself. But you can find lots of single family homes in Nolensville for anywhere from typically in the 500’s up to 1.5M. You can find larger lots with new beautiful homes, and smaller older homes to accommodate whatever you are looking for. Be sure to check in with me in you’re thinking of moving and we can put you on the path to finding the neighborhood that is right for you!

#7- And OBVIOUSLY the best thing about Nolensville is.. the People!! People from every walk of life are represented in Nolensville, and it’s just a lovely community of people who love where they live. You’ll find a great sense of community, and some of the best people you’ll meet right here in this town!

There are so many more reasons to love Nolensville, but I’ll leave you with these top seven. If you want to hear me rant more about what is so great about it, be sure to reach out to me and you can come see for yourself!!


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