Arrington Tennessee, Could you Live Here?

If you’ve looked at moving to Franklin, Tennessee or Williamson County, you have undoubtedly come across Arrington, TN. Arrington is just a small town, population of about 3,000 people, and just as cute of a rural town in Tennessee as you might imagine. Arrington is full of picturesque rolling hills, trees, and streams, and just a handful of neighborhoods amongst mostly farmland.

If you’re looking for a great nightlife this is definitely not the town for that, but there are some cute places to visit to shop like Three French Hens and Mercantile 1858, for cute home goods and antiques. You can also find beautiful event venues like the Barn at Sycamore Farms, and of course we can’t forget Arrington Vineyards which is so beautiful and such a fun place to just hang out and have wine, bring a picnic and listen to live music on the weekends. You definitely won’t find this kind of a place in the city .. so take advantage of it out here!!

As far as neighborhoods go.. there are not a ton. As you can imagine with such a small population there just aren’t that many homes, but that is not due to lack of demand! People want to live here, and the communities that exist are just lovely. The places I definitely suggest looking at are King’s Chapel, Hardeman Springs, Pine Creek, Arrington Ridge, Black Hawk, and obviously rural properties. Let’s take a look at some of these neighborhoods.. and I definitely recommend watching the video so you can see these neighborhoods yourself as well as some of the rest of the town!! In the video we take a VLOG tour so you can see the homes and neighborhoods yourself.

King’s Chapel: This neighborhood is so beautiful and still being built out. Homes have been being built in here since 2006, but there is still lots of building out to do. That being said you will definitely see resale homes coming up in here, but as I mentioned new builds as well. New homes are being built by Drees, and several custom builders as well, and are trickling out onto the MLS as they are available. None of those builders are allowing you to pick your lot right now and build what you want unfortunately, so you just have to be on the ball when something comes up that you want, and jump on it.
Homes in here tend to range anywhere from 3000 sq feet to 6000 square feet and will likely be priced from around 1 million and above for resale, and 1.3M and up for new builds, and like everywhere else, continuing to rise.
Lot sizes in here can be anywhere from about 1/3 of an acre up to an acre, but mostly spacious lots.
The amenities in this community are something else that make it so awesome though. Living here you have the opportunity to enjoy the community saltwater swimming pool, use the private clubhouse with full time chef, fish in the stocked fished pond, and enjoy all the walking paths. This neighborhood is like true resort living in the country.
If you’re looking for some amazing quality builders with some incredible homes, you’ll definitely want to check out Kings Chapel.

Hardeman Springs: This is located just up the street from Kings, and is a smaller neighborhood with a collection of some amazing custom builders. Again you can’t start a build from scratch in here, but wait for them to release them for sale typically once they get to drywall. The homes in here are just stunning though. They typically range in size from around 3500 sq feet to 5100 sq ft, and the quality is just impeccable. Lot size in here is a bit larger than Kings, typically around .5 acre and up. And though the neighborhood is a little smaller than Kings, you still have a nice community pool to take advantage of or plenty of room in your own yard for one too.
Since this neighborhood is newer, only built since 2020, there won’t be much resale coming up in here yet, but there is still quite a bit of opportunity for a new build. If you’re interested in the neighborhood be sure to reach out and I can send you what is coming up!

Pine Creek: This is a new neighborhood being built by Crescent Homes, and is near to 840, giving you quick access to the highway for an easy commute. While there is no pool in this neighborhood there will be lovely walking paths and a stocked community fishing pond, and a view of the Arrington Vineyards just across the way. Lots in here are going to be a bit smaller, right around 1/4 of an acre, and home sizes around 3000 sq feet up to 4500 sq feet. As mentioned they are still building in here with a lot opportunity to buy if this is the neighborhood you love.
Check out the website for Crescent Homes to see what they have available.

Arrington Ridge: Now Arrington Ridge is a new community as well and is actually all sold out as of recently for new builds. There won’t be much resale coming up here probably in the very near future but as time goes on there will be so it’s definitely worth mentioning. As I said this is a new neighborhood and it was built by the Jones company and has some absolutely beautiful homes here. They also do not have community amenities in here, but they do have walking paths and a beautiful view as well. Lot size in here will probably range from about a quarter of an acre up to 1/3 of an acre and the houses are going to have some just lovely curb appeal. Home sizes in here are going to range somewhere from about 2700 ft.² all the way up to 5000 ft.² so if you’re looking for something on the smaller side or the larger side you can find that here.

And of course let’s not forget about the rural properties you can pick up down here. Now these are more few and far between so you have to be patient on these properties, and of course if they have acreage they will cost a lot more than a home in one of these neighborhoods since the cost of land has gotten so expensive in Williamson, County, but these properties are well worth the wait if it’s something you choose to do!

Again check out the video below so you can see the neighborhoods for yourself and be sure to reach out to me with any and all moving related questions!!

Living in Arrington Tennessee (FULL VLOG TOUR)
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