Annecy Neighborhood Tour in Nolensville TN!!

Nolensville, Tennessee is one of Nashville’s hottest suburbs, located in Williamson County, just south of Nashville. Within Nolensville is a new neighborhood called Annecy, full of fantastic amenities and beautiful homes. Take a tour of this amazing new neighborhood being built with me, and let’s talk about who the builders are, what they are offering, and how you can build something amazing in this community! If you would like the full video tour be sure to check out the video tour below on Youtube and see it for yourself, along with examples of some of the homes to be built.

So let’s talk a little bit about Annecy – this is a new neighborhood going in in the heart of Nolensville only about seven minutes from Nolensville’s little historic downtown area. So you’re very close to getting to the restaurants and the shopping, and you’re only about 10 minutes from the grocery store and anything else important that you might need.  Also, Annecy is located in Williamson County, and  you are very close to those schools here. You would be zoned for Nolensville elementary which is located just up Rocky Fork… And then you would be zoned for Mill Creek Middle School and Nolensville High School which are minutes away.

The neighborhood itself is going to have some great amenities. There is going to be a community swimming pool and cabana, a grilling area, outdoor fireplaces, multi purpose field, playgrounds,  tons of walking trails and greenways, and a dog park!  So a lot of this hasn’t been built out yet, but rest assured it is coming!!  They’ve only started building and closing on homes in the Turnberry side of the development but the other side is now coming along quickly so you’ll want to be fast if you don’t want to lose out on a home in here.  Before you know it, it will be sold out!

I will say in comparison to some other cities around the country, Nashville doesn’t have quite as many large master planned communities with so many amenities and this neighborhood literally hits them all. That in and of itself is a great reason to be in Annecy.

So let’s talk about the builders in here, price point, and what they are offering. We will also show you some examples of the homes they build and what these homes will look like. Turnberry was the first to start building in here and they are basically sold out with almost every lot reserved or sold already. There is really just one or two left so if you’re catching me quickly on this we can possibly grab you one but they won’t be there for very long. I probably won’t spend a lot of time talking about Turnberry, simply because they are almost sold out.  But if you are interested in one of those two lots left definitely check in with me.. they build a beautiful home. Completed price will likely be around 1 million and up for around a 3500-4k square foot home.   As time goes on there will be resale that comes up in here for them but probably not anytime in the near future, but their section will be absolutely beautiful and definitely add to the value of the homes surrounding them.  

The Jones Company

Another great builder in here is the Jones Company, and the Jones Company has built many neighborhoods in Williamson County, and people just love their homes. First I’ll show you some of what they are building now and what the home sites look like, and then I can show you some completed streets in other neighorhoods they have built so you can see what they look like completed. (see video!) They have great floorpans that make sense. Currently they don’t have any homes or sites available but they have many coming in the near future. Their first phase sold out.. and their next release will likely be in the spring with completion at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. If that fits your  timeline, then you’ll definitely want to check into the homes being offered by them and be on the lookout for their next release. I will say for the last release they sold out very quickly, so you would want to be ready to take what they have as soon as it is available.   

The prices you will likely be looking at with their next release will probably be around the 900s completed and up from there, and  their lot sizes are right around a quarter of an acre with home sizes being somewhere between 3000 and 4000 ft.².  You can expect very nice features with Jones and many wonderful upgrades available.  This will be a lovely section of the neighborhood!  We can get you on the VIP list for updates with this builder, just let me know, and we can keep you posted!


Drees is a fantastic builder in this neighborhood. They currently have a couple options available.  Their 55 foot lots will be a little bit smaller lots but really don’t they don’t feel small to me.. and the homes will be about 2500 sq ft to 3100 sq ft.. and have loads of curb appeal.  These were going under contract anywhere from the high 600s to 800 when they were previously available. 

Just now being released this weekend.. and they will get scooped up quickly.. are the 85’ foot lots.. If you want information on these, get in touch with me. You would want to move quickly on these as they will disappear fast.  Prices on these will be starting base prices of 1M up to 1.3M .These homes are going to be quite a bit larger, so more like 4,000-5,000 sq feet and will be beautiful.

Coming up soon they will have only five 105 foot lots which will equate to about a half an acre. These are going to be some of Drees larger homes. Some of these are the floorpans available on the 85’ lots but on a much larger lot and will be over probably the $1.5 million price point. One home going in on these five lots will be their model home, the other four will be market homes that will be released onto the MLS once they get to the drywall stage. So if you love Drees and you want one of these larger lots be sure to jump on one of these as they become available. Two will be released in spring in two more coming a little bit later. So be on the lookout for that release!

Celebration Homes

Celebration Homes is also building in Annecy. I’m not sure how many homes they will have but they are building now and will likely release them once they get to the drywall stage.  They haven’t released any info at all.. but I have worked with Celebration on a few homes and they put out a really nice product.   If I had to guess I would think the homes will be around 3,000-4,000 sq feet and will start in the 900s for pricing.  I know they will have some coming soon and I can let you know as soon as they are available. Celebration typically have very nice finishes, with really great floorpans so you can always count on a great house with Celebration.

David Weekley  

They have a variety of homes not open or for sale yet, but coming soon.  So they have two they will be selling. They will have cottages which will obviously be smaller homes on smaller lots, and regular single family homes.  The cottages will be sold first, and probably will be coming in the next month to two months.  All will all be on a smaller 55 foot lots. With alley load garages, and will be around 2,000-3,000 sq feet and be in the mid 600’s to 700s.  .  All of these are the perfect because you will less maintenance and still get to enjoy all of the outdoor amenities this neighborhood has to offer!

Their larger homes likely won’t go up for sale till the end of 2022 .. so stay tuned for those.  That will be perfect timing for those wanting to move in the summer of 2023.

AR Homes

Let’s talk about AR Builders.   If you are looking for something you can completely customize with a very high end builder, you’ll want to explore this option.   This would be from the ground up build and you really have the freedom to  design kind of anything you wanted with them. They do have a couple of basement lots available, and a couple of other lots..  and you would be looking in the price range of probably mid 1 millions to over 2 million. These again would be on the larger half acre lots backing to open space  with the exception of a couple,  and a custom home that cannot really be duplicated. This builder will take all of your needs into consideration and really help you custom craft some thing that you will love long term. If you need more information on this I will be happy to send it over and you can certainly check out their home designs on their website.. I will link that in the comments.  But definitely think about this one.. if you truly want to craft a custom one of a kind home, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.  

Partners in Building 

Partners is another fantastic builder in here, and they build a lot in and around Williamson County and have some fantastic half acre flat lovely lots here in Annecy that back to open space. 

They will feature larger homes of 4000+ square feet and should be around 1.7M and up. They do have spec homes going up.. but you would still have options and still be able to make design choices if you choose to build one of these with Partners.  They also have one lot left that you could build whichever plan you wanted on .   This is also high-end builder, and they only snatched up a handful of lots in this neighborhood, so once they are gone they are gone. The floor plans and layouts, and design choices really great, and I highly recommend checking out their website and the two specs they have coming that should be completed at the end of this year, beginning of next year,  with about the same time line if you decided to build whatever you wanted with them.  They, like AR can customize your build however you would like, and can a more modern build, or more traditional, or somewhere in betwee.  I Don’t know how long these listings will last since many of their homes in Williamson County and Brentwood in Franklin sell for 2 to 4,000,000 plus, so finding them at this price point in Annecy is great. 

If you have any other questions on this neighborhood at all reach out to me! I’m a realtor in the area so I’m happy to help! So be sure to reach out to me if you want more information on any of these builders or this neighborhood I’d be glad to send over everything that I have. I try to keep in touch with these builders as much as possible so that I know what’s coming and when so I can  be ready to help you find what you need when you need it!  Which is sometimes hard to do in this market!!

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